When the art returns…

I know things have been quiet in the studio lately, but I have had some trouble coping with Major Depressive Disorder, from which I have suffered over 15 years. I recently noticed there’s 1700 of you wonderful people who have supported my work, and I am truly thankful for that! This week (once the US election passes) I’ll work on a special treat for you all, and I promise it will be as unique and pretty as my Bisou kit (still available for free in the tab or on my website). Anyway, tonight is the first night in months I have touched ink to paper and it was a cathartic experience. I look forward to experimenting with watercolor in this series of 5 horned goddesses.
Much love to you all, and extra love to those of you struggling through hard times. <3
xoxo Jini

Horned Goddes No.1*For a list of tools used, please refer to the top comment 🙂

2 thoughts on “When the art returns…

  1. Tools used:
    Illustration done in Illustrator CS6, traced onto Strathmore Watercolor Artist Trading Card using ME456 lightboard, sketched in 4h Pilot neox graphite lead, inked in Staedtler pigment liner 0.3, eraser is my favorite; Pentel Hi-Polymer white.

  2. Oh my, I know how you feel. It is the pits .. I have suffered depression most of my life .. it is not something you would wish on your worst enemy. I hope you are feeling a bit better .. day by day. Hugs!

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